Planet Earth EP

by Gomec

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Recorded entirely in my dear friend's bedroom

"(Planet Earth EP) feels a lot like hanging out with you in someone's bedroom... in a great way!"-Steven Rybeck

"Planet Earth, the debut EP from neophyte rapper Gomec, is an in depth reflection of a young adult with an old soul. Taking cues from alt-rap staples such as Why? and Serengeti, Gomec makes his first foray into the scene with intimate narratives of sibling bonds, hopeless relationships, and existential doubt, accompanied by gently undulating beats and heartfelt melodies." -Alex Couch, Taylor Beck


released September 20, 2014

Art by Taylor Beck

Special thanks to Taylor Beck, Alex Couch, and Laura Rogers for all of your help.



all rights reserved


Gomec Clemson, South Carolina

Real South Records

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Track Name: Strange World
It's a strange world
An even stranger planet
Born on the dark side
Like he was made scissor handed

Break in during the day time
Cause he was a blind bandit
Didn't need anything
Or even really want it

Just looking for something more
Than what we were never taught
I know I've always been weaker
Every time we fought 'cause

He's faster and more rapidly
Gaining mass and momentum
Like he went through boot camp
Or space marine training

Mind exploding onto the parchment
Eggshell white walls like origami birds
What was the noise
In Crysta's house that we heard?

He’s Calmer than an eastern Asian bird
And more level headed
Than blackjack on downers

He's got no temper
But his knuckles are tempered and tamed
from too many tempura burns
And deep fry poppy seed urges

Murders of festivals underground
Open like the eyes of bumblebees
and buzzing just like that sound

I'm really proud
I know you'll live a good life
As far as you can be found.


And I’ll never forget the day that
The cat heads stacked
And ents were all the rage yet
We thought that there were demons up the stairs

Exhaling ghosts thicker than clouds of smoke
Hiding in lairs
And toking like bears in a den
Fireplace wallpaper had me again

Growing into smart young men
And if I try to think about I remember when
you angered the animals
And that bull charged

Gazing into bullet holes deep and large
My eyes got wide as I start to stagger
I hopped on its back wielding my dagger

Rode for a second
About to make the final cut
When finally you said it

Fire-place pokers, wall hangings, and notebooks
Happiness comes by the lake when you give a look
Or on a trampoline with a dog and an old book

So instead I stood alive and just shook.
Again I’m really proud
I know next time I hear your voice its gonna fucking be loud.
Track Name: Warm Planet
Since I’ve lived in Seneca,
I have always had these moths
Tapping on my window at 2AM
When mine was the only light on

A beacon in the night
And some were small, some died quick
But the ones my cat and I liked best

Were the moths with the body the size of your thumb
And wings stretched out like an open palm

They would land and sit for a while
Like meditating myths
Or buzz against the window trying helplessly to get in

And my tiger would wait patiently and watch
The slightest movement, flinch, or even if I coughed

Would cause his ears to twitch like radio antenna
With a mind of their own. Still the moth sits still
As I sat and observed

The beast creeps closer
A light meow is heard
Tail whips back and forth

A snake in the grass that’s being birthed from the earth

As his paw hits the mirror-frame
The moth rests unflinching
At what lies behind the window pane

And after many minutes of hunting,
And stalking my cat wanders off
The moth has found its home
In plain view on the screen.

I finally stand up around 3 in the morning
Straining from work that day

The moth flies off to rest anew or find some cloth
And as I head to bed I wonder if I too am being watched

Warm planet
A beautiful yard
Tessellating patterns
A three legged dog
Figured out what matters
A rusty trampoline
Keeps giving static shocks
Lying underneath
The low hanging branches
Sinking into mesh
Internal avalanches
Sinking into flesh

It's a Warm Planet

It's awful
Cause I don't have my words memorized
It's hard to do
Like watching grandfather die
Through a different pair of eyes

I've opened my third so many times
My other two will soon be blind

While the one in my mind
Continues to form thoughts and pictures
Foreign to these hideous tries

Itching like spider bites
Trapped out in the sun
Like I rolled snake eyes
Shooting fish in a barrel and tighten the ties

Train tracks that shake
The house in the night and pop

No more writing hate blogs
Or blogging about weight watch

Running everyday like its my duty to stay fit and all
My cat doesn’t like me
But I feed him treats and treat him sorta nicely

He must not be the only one
Cause I know there's something wrong with me
Close my eyes and try to sleep

Only to find myself standing
On the exit of a highway
Dreaming of tons of things
I make myself an offering
Sleep's a last resort
And still I feel it watching me

Stalking me
I hope you had a great night
But you’ve gotta know my times ticking

It's a Warm Planet
Track Name: Lucid
Sometimes I feel guilty
For always sleeping in
But should I really feel bad
When my dreams are better than the life I live?

Blacking out in forests
Wake up in small apartments
Waking up on a night stand
Like I was king of the ocean

Felt like I drank a potion
As soon as you walked in
Roll around on the floor with you
Making me feel like a real man

Barefoot in the parking lot
All your hair got chopped off
Piggy rides in the grocery store
Like life was filled with joy to explore

Living in our underwear
Laughing at my body hair
There’s something so innocent
About two friends, mostly naked, drinking beer

A girl once tried to tell me
"People always make excuses..."
The only way to measure things
Is by counting all of your bruises


But I can remember back
When I used to lucid dream
It seemed my mind was filled up to the brink
With all these different themes

Pride, bravery, courage
Kindness in society
Fear, mystery,
Wonder awe and liberty

Now I’m eternally hung up
Like a skull with a rusty jaw
Playing ‘let's fall in love’
But always with the lights on

There’s nothing new about it though
A shoreline
I’ve been forced to obey
Since the day I was born

I used to be scorned
But I’m not alone
In this world anymore

Giant crabs sleeping in my bed
Pinching at my toes
Always screaming when I see ‘em
Like when I summoned a demon

Dinosaur on windowsill
You were walking away
I reached to grab your arm
But Couldn’t recall my own name

After choking on my thoughts
I responded to the girl
"Can’t you see I was made to walk alone with no home in this world?"
Track Name: Human
I purposefully kept your guitar
I did it 'cause I need it
I'm not going very far
I did it 'cause there's something
That I can't figure out
Our fingers always touch these strings
but nothing's coming out

I purposefully kept your guitar
I did it 'cause I need it
And I'll never be a star
I did it 'cause there's something
That I can tell you now
I did it cause I love you
I'm feeling this right now

I purposefully kept your guitar
I did it 'cause I need it
I'm not going very far
I did it 'cause there's something
That I can't figure out
Why are we so human
When we're just animals in doubt?