Human Being

by Gomec

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Human Being is the debut full-length from Gomec;
Available now w/ beautiful features from Blaxix, Baby Bug, Cunabear, & Comrade Ringo.


released May 27, 2016

All songs mixed and mastered by Gomec
songs 1, 2, 4, 5 ,7, 8 produced by Gomec
songs 3, 6, & 10 produced by Blaxix:
song 9 produced by Cunabear:
song 11 produced by Comrade Ringo:
album art by Steve:
special thanks to Jeremy Theall, Laura Rogers, & Mom.



all rights reserved


Gomec Clemson, South Carolina

Real South Records

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Track Name: Doomsday Lair
Sitting here smoking cloves
I wish I could have the top down
sometimes sawing sunroofs
into homes that I've found
and I'm not trying to be ironic,
I recognize that it's iconic
like a mountain house with hydroponic vegetable missile silos.
I'll have an entire floor just for Milo
if he ever wants to visit.
A visionary foreign Mumble interpreter having visions of a brighter world
where the bankers don't get the girls
and the soft serve flavor
is always set to swirl.
I frequently envision
I'm in a small pond fishing.
And I catch a fish
and my sister catches a bigger fish.
I can't tell you if that really happened
or if reality was replaced by good
story telling and imagination.
I can't tell you my own name
because I'm frequently sitting back watching cut scenes play Out
in my own game. How old am I?
I'm not really sure.
All I know is I've been alive
for a hell of a long time!

I always try really hard to write lyrics reflecting the state of the art trapped inside my heart

Sometimes you just gotta be silly
Right now I don't care if you feel me.

I don't eat meat,
but still I've got the track on repeat
making my way on down to cortellyou Street.
and someday I'd like to own a really nice bike
I will do everything in my power
to get my rent as low as possible.
And no, I wont let you give your dog away.
He can live with me and yoni.
We'll be three peas in and a cup
of frost bitten spumoni.
I ate ice cream everyday when I was in Europe.
stracciatella and Wheat beer.
Use bodies of water instead of mirrors.
I kissed a really nice girl
and lied to protect my pride.
Actually, I never verified if we danced
or tried to get it on while you were on the couch playing mine craft.
You see, Silence can never actually imply.
And for that reason I'll keep making Noise
through all four different seasons.
At the Knights Motel in ColumbiaI fell asleep
when Laura left to get us food
and I woke up in a strange place
with the TV on mute.
That was the night we saw Her
and I realized how this bizarre solid world works.
I'm wanna model my entire life
just like that day then print it on shape ways.
I wanna laugh with my mom
cheer and snapchat Emily.
Eat milkshakes with santi
acro-yoga then a veggie burger.
Then head to Kyle's house
to mull on about the universe.
Track Name: Bowling Ball
I'm a slow loris eating porridge, foraging
Stand in the dark at the fridge
Binge watch Bojack till my liver gives
The whole first season on repeat
My lover is a whole cheese pizza
Freed from my ego
My personality crossed a bridge
kill the alter by running into a ditch
Now in stitches, making duck Pringles
Can't interpret your fucking lingo
Never been very skilled at bingo
I'm Ringo Star in a band that only plays dive bars
Hiding the high notes in slimy pickling jars
I'm raw asparagus
A vegan dog who only eats at all
Because of Pavlov
And I'm starving out here
Fixed gear bikes and craft beer
Make me feel quite weird

Standing on the beach at sunrise
I muttered "Hello sun."
And as my life
Ran before me
I knew my time was done

"Hello, son..."

Sorry sir*, you must be mistaken
I don't feel enlightened
and this has barely been awakened
I'm making it all up
and I'm faking all these rhymes
I lost my mind
In the bottom of a German beer stein
While frantically searching for a
banter free environment
to spend the better part of my life
wholly partner-less
to use the butter part of your knife
eating carcasses
to optimize a thread and share the drive
while you're wireless
blink twice if you're human
and you think that you're enjoying this
that was a nice wink
before your thirteenth birthday wish
I can remember I think
I hoped for a new mattress
Only to receive it later
As some kind of unplanned gift
Anyway, its only October
and whatever month you meet
will be the month that you know her
Feel cold like squid ward
When Bob Locked him the freezer
Wake up feeling smothered
Nostalgic about fluffer-nutters
so instead I live in ruts
and constantly ask about her

I'm a satiated medium giving lesbians palm readings
A hob goblin wearing corduroy bell Bottoms
and I'm only feeling periwinkle
I'm not afraid of wrinkles
and I'm envious of Gandalf's beard
I'm feeling pretty weird
can you be young and old at the same time
weird like Nausea made things real
I forgot about hospital rooms/
and all of my fantasy characters have eaten too many mushrooms
if the crystal ball is correct
then I guess we're all doomed
the sky looms and glares like Zelda games in my underwear
I'm scared of grizzly bears and the magnitude with which I love beer
my eyes scream to steer clear of this weary King Lear
fear escapes my boundary of existence
and I'm still sound asleep despite all these pinches

Standing on the beach at sunrise
I muttered "Hello sun."
And as my life
Ran before me
I knew my time was done

Dale Cooper Impersonator
escape the surreality
by hiding in my dreams
milking the absurd out of so many different things
what with this madness brings
instead I sit in coffee shops
rice and beans at work
view strange Tumblr blogs
what a bizarre method of life I thought about wrestling bullfrogs
or really toads in general
melancholy Somehow I made it through security
despite my over-sized bags
bell Bottoms and insecurities
atlas with dirty knees
while calling out profanities
end of the song fatality
announced by the narrator
are you there, sir?

Standing on the beach at sunrise
I muttered "Hello sun."
And as my life
Ran before me
I knew my time was done
Track Name: Tem Shop [ft. Baby Bug]
I was thrown away in a big bag of skittles
my grandma walks her dog and says that she piddles
she smiled at me and my heart tried to vomit
all of my love, like cats wearing bonnets
or puppies still happy even though they've got socks on
bagels and gravlax; a long lost kind grandpa
long to feel something on that kind of level
but meaning is fleeting and connections are struggles
I woke up a cockroach and caused all this trouble
so I'm here to represent solitude through mumbles
failure for friendship leaves nothing but rubble
so I stood alone while the body count doubled
that feeling rushed back to me that night in Vermont
quiet, the Milky Way, my family in the stars
I laid on my back and tried to ponder who we are
but all I could think about was suffering dogs

[Baby Bug]
General Pepper owes me a few hundred grand
I'm tiny and small in mega mushroom land
and I've always wished that I could own a broad sword
but for now I'll draw kitties on a chalk board
'void 'mec's landlord
do you remember land lines?
Home phone home grown pantone pantomimes
You can walk Cooper if you bring him right back
and stop on the way home to get him a snack!
Running doesn't matter when you're on the beach
I'll wiggle every tree until I find a peach
never doing any spells involving a leech
and if you buy me a pizza I'll feast for a week
I'll condense the cosmos with my star map app
say, "Man is microscopic..." through a filter on snapchat
One new follower that I thought was a fan
Turns out it's just a kitty cat that lives in Japan
Track Name: Apathy
Paul Simon of art rap
Drinking frappuccinos
Then moving on to tabs
Join a frat or don't
Become a pet rat
And live in a hole in the wall
Wear shoe inserts
Or work boots to feel tall
Purchase baseball shirts
But never throw a ball
Consider yourself southern
And adopt that rural drawl
I said before in a song
I'm totally not tall
Scrawling sloppily
Left handed idea bandit
Stranded on an island
Though its far from deserted
Escape with my life
To discover I left my purpose
Drop out and become a sherpa
Wear only royal purple
Only toil and hirple
Wear shirts made of copper coils
Be loyal like magnetism
Despite being spoiled

Home alone?
Watch Louie
He may be a genius
But his life is pretty screwy
Eat jelly beans with a fiend
You discovered on a buoy
Eat a whole bag of candy corn
Watch less porn
And consider converting to mormon
Consider being a doorman
Smoke a lot of weed
Get drunk and go bowling
Stow away in the back seat
Of a honda Odyssey
Quit school and live
In a treehouse in the backyard
because you're lazy
Spend time making beats
And change your name to Kenny
Move to Portland
And follow Sleater Kinney
Never pop a benny
Fall in love
Then fall off
While bumping Geti's Benji
Put raps on clearance
Sell albums for a penny
Sell out for heavy petting
Have gout at age 20
Define yourself by asking,
"What makes a man a majesty?"
And answer by asking,
"What is a man with apathy?"

I am wearing chinos
In my mom's van
Eating Fritos
With sticky hands
Or kissing eagles
With lips evil
Or mostly frugal
Not regal
Watch a seagull
Peck and paw at a fish
Till it's spilled across sand
Far too many pinches
From those who say my hair
Makes me look like David Lynch's
Laura Palmer's dead
Extract harmony
Eat marmalade and stay afraid
Stay hardly awake

I'm rapping in work boots
While playing chutes and ladders
Attack your booth
before asking who's sadder
But mostly the latter
Write in patterns
On the ceiling fan
In class feeling meek
And despite my fresh socks
My feet still reek
My cousin cooked a ham
And I also tried the leek
I also tried to peak
My will is flat lining
Riding shotgun, crying
In these caverns I keep finding
In caverns I am finding
pixar shorts
Old men play chess
Clever like oedopis
Blind like t-rex
Eating like stegosaur
Now perform a hex
Sorry for the vibes
Geti says no goodnights
Track Name: Climbing Rocks [ft. Blaxix]
I'm poor saving
And always poorly saying
Okay Google
please phone home
I wasn't born in Rome
Or on a Sci-fi drone
I'm doing the Tina Belcher moan
And I don't listen to drone
On my throne in the dmv
You see me
standing still, moving
or all three
I'm a fucking radical
Just trying to get free
I'm a fucking battle toad
Just trying to be me
I'm a Sartre-ist, Nausea told me indirectly
Do your best to live authentically
I'm stressed leaving
the restaurant at 2am
they're thieving like
I'm the one who was dishonored
Girl, don't you know the honor code?
Maybe I can teach you elevator etiquette
If I'm stressed
And if you help me
To eliveate it
You might get pregnant

Since when did sex with strangers become
More important than conversations?
Have I given up already
On true love and cuddling
You Interject and I'm the one who's meddling
You Send a text and I'm the one pedaling
Stationary bicycle won't power your toaster
I won't see the locks on the kitchen floor
I'm boastful
I'm skin and bones and maybe roast tofu
Hardly unaware of what my friends make toasts to
And they're hard of hearing when it comes to my lyrics
And after live performances they asked if I have ticks
Thick in the waist, and quicker than nuclear waste
I am disposed
I am a ghost

I'm neither here nor there
Nor texting in my underwear
Won't be found up River without a flare
Won't be bound to frying pans or spatulas
And I won't write without a pen
Still I'm rosy Again
At least I'm writing again
Hold up, wait
I swear we'll just be friends
Disregard my new love
It happens every month
I'm thinking Luke was wrong
Foxes, dogs; they all just fuck.

Steel toed boots don't make for good summer shoes
And I can't have you climbing rocks on my mountain, boo

Track Name: Curtis, I know
Sometimes I wish it would rain
like every single day
and not because I'm depressed
or in a sad sorta way
I wish it would pour
so that I can shut myself indoors
relax and be nude
a dim lamplit room
sit by the window pitter patter
wind roar and lightning boom
dissipate any and all feelings of doom
be gratified by the cozy comforter
comforted by the noisy weather
cat purring spur of the moment
Cuddle puddle with a girl that you're loving
every moment is a struggle
trouble staying awake
just locked in with my fate
like, "Curse the word for goodness sake..."
if it floods we're fine
man this life is Sublime
and if heaven really exists
you can find it in my rhymes

and I had this dream the other day and in my dream they would not stop saying. They were saying it. They were saying...

Curtis, I know

I stood naked in the shower
room full of steam
I realized I'm young
there's plenty of time to be seen
theres plenty of time
to be taken seriously
save it for the future man
I'm barely not a teen
but I can't go back
and that makes me want to scream
never took a girl to prom
or rented a limousine
used to say I saw ghosts
what the hell did I mean?
I peaked into the spirit realm
man that shit was serene
why is it that all my homies have to suffer?
existential crisis left and right
man that's a bummer
I'm pretty tired of being a weird rapper
weary looks from audience members
and never laughter
never had girls come try to talk to me after
never been given beer
my favorites are craft ones
and so ya know I stand here
and I have to pray for rain
every day cleanse like a spirit in the haze
like Coligny Plaza in the fall or fog
or the beach at night
howl at the sky like wild dogs.

And the other day I could hear it from my living. I was wide awake and they were saying. They were saying...

Curtis, I know
Track Name: Build a (storm) by the sea [prod. & ft.Cunabear]
(The storms, they call for me)
I fished a tesseract out of my favorite bowl
Packed it to the brim with kief, trout, money & hoes
With an enhanced targeting card shoved so far up my nose
That I embedded your coordinates into the actuality of living life in fear of death
Speaking of course in mild-mannered, exacerbated prose.
So forceful that I altered my position to better appreciate hanging on to the instance of warm breath on my neck
Form the foundation of your dilated eyes
I can tell the encrypted lore entices you
Higher than the holy kingdom now divided and residing under a newer roof
Time heals wounds by redirecting the focus and zoomed-in on vague clues about your attitude
Writing temporary graffiti so the establishment has to present itself a white
I’d live in a cabin at the edge of the seas
Where the wind blows holy enough to lift my wings and lull me towards the heartless
Conventional mannerisms only prove lethal in the lands of martyr-less, mercilessly out-casted
We stand as western-world paupers with empty coffers,
Entertainment at the cost of exposition is all the lost boys back in town can offer
My pockets stay empty once I pay the fee
My hood-rat hippie-god, plainly speaking
Over-encumbered from the recognition received
Let the clamor of the storming of the castle swallow thee

(The storms, they call for me)

15 dollars got me half a tank this time
Gas prices must be low, like my desire to be alone, or will to stay alive. I don't know for sure though.
I'll never check em cause the costs you'll find are covered in spiderweb and dried up vine.
Deeply rooted and forever locked away.
Merry this go-round but I can tell that I'm swaying.
You never know though
though I know I keep my balance.
my paws hit the pavement and I am soaked in malice.
Falling is easier than keeping your eyes aligned perpendicular to the eye of a black Hole.
The events that shaped this horizon will swallow me whole.
Keep searching for the perfect bowl, one that burns well, but it doesn't get you stoned.
Sit around like a gnome
Sit and listen to drone
Come to terms with all you've done
and sit stunned staring at the wall as your eyes lock you own
you can finally pay toll.
Track Name: Know Flower [prod. Blaxix]
I walked The Battery alone at night.
There were no waves but the black water rippled in the wake of things man made
I turned, afraid, as the violence of this place became apparent and just as soon vanished.
I turned away, afraid of all things that came before me and for all things that will come after.
As water lapped on concrete I became aware of my palm sweat
I became aware of my bike resting on my leg
And I became aware of the sweat on my soul
I can recall the sweetness of souls
as the insoles of my father's shoes stuck to my feet.
The hair on my toes concealed by my youth
The 77' hobbit was before my time
but I still recall gandalf with nostalgia.

Vhs players and layers of comforters with comfort-print checkers
The clashing of runners soles on concrete
I received my soul neat with extra Bleu cheese,
olives and wandering out into my home while still in the dark
I whistled despite the prospect of a life full of work
And I donned an uncomfortable shirt
I donned it
To dance in worth
To writhe in worth
My life wasn't like this
Something changed
Something swept over me
Life wasn't like this
Something changed
Something awakened
Life wasn't like this
Something changed
But I can't remember how it used to be
Adventure will not lose meaning
I will not lose my faith in awe
My life wasn't like this
I will giggle at the silliness of this all.

And in Vermont I finally saw the stars
And in Vermont I had never felt more alone
And I tapped into that loneliness to stop the giggling
Because giddiness is painful
And I am ever angry and shameful
so I tapped into that anger to stop it

I have never seen so many unhappy people in one place and that scares me

so in Maine I am wearing a dead woman's scarf
so in Maine I am wearing a dead woman's scarf
And I am at Truda in my barefeet in the rain
In Maine I am wearing a dead woman's scarf
In Maine I am a dead man and only the scarf remains

All I can say is well...
at least I am no longer short
Track Name: Tofurkey [prod. Comrade Ringo]
I'm a martyr eating mortar pastels
while riding a 2x4 t-rex
Through an endless sea of cracked bells
Glockenspiel hell
I'm turning red and yellow
like a Mellow last ditch hello
Hug a pillow, friend
I'm rendering 8bit graphics By hand
Doing a keg stand and tasting bland
Punch like I Made lunch
From Hawaiian rolls, fried moleskin and leafy bowls.

Mr schols in my back pocket
Bright green Christmas stockings
Stalking my laptop with a socket
Cracked open the locket
and read oh how jolly
Call me Mr. Tall thing
Design your sprite
Buy the rights to the textbook
Irresolute of what's next, look

I'm not sure what he just said
Cause my ear lobes are dead
Pinhole sunlight at the right angle
Like pinwheel sublime rhymes
And a frosted angel
Sit right here and let me yell this fable
Flip a table spilling all of the wine in Naples
Gold leaf staples and maple syrup
Starched stirrups stirring up the pot
Pot luck brunch
bring canned mini corn on a hunch.

My belly grumbles
Refuse to shave my face
To get rid of the Stubble
My world's all jumbled
And my words have gravity
On the shed roof via tree
Stub my knee
That dog was running at me when

The Web told me planet earth
was going to be okay
So given the postponed doomsday
I converted all of my friends to digital
And told my children to go play
I'm out here spawning mini goats
Munching on bowls of frosted vegan oates
Digging moats around my personality
To sheild my real name from you personally, but it's nothing personal dude

Oh how rude
Call me Bob Saget
The whole project's wholesome
I'm not yet done with you
Eating strange food
In a field by light if the moon
Warlocks flood the stadium
Floodlights glowing uranium
Green screen me in the news
If it weren't for the armor I'd be nude
Building drawbridges made of tofu
Silk sheets stained with no meat
Bloodstains on my carpet
Charcoal wolves prowling the 'burbs of an armpit. Despite the use of an oven mitt
I dropped the pyrex and watched
as it smashed to bits
Smashed to bits.
Time krept as it
Smashed to bits
Smashed to bits