Alone Again EP

by Gomec

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released March 8, 2015

Art and Guidance by Taylor Beck

Special thanks to Laura Rogers and Sydney Vail



all rights reserved


Gomec Clemson, South Carolina

Real South Records

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Track Name: Port Wine
My bus Is late
Running on half an hour
Instead I'll use dowsing rods
And across the earth I'll scour
Wandering aimlessly
A modern day mammal
An ape with augmentation
This is the Deus ex Machina
This is the machine from the God.
Prodding around the forsaken
Corridors of my brain
I snuck into the bat cave
I'll save nor hurt a soul
I'll roll without slip
Friction-less pits
Caverns deep enough to fit
Daydreams of a life fully lived
I missed long afternoons in Rome
Drinking port wine
Strumming a ukulele with
Frets made of pinkey bones
Unrelenting ancient stones
Runes of a time before
Marseilles' port
Ancient dialogue
Stonehenge does not compare
Technology now thought rare
Entire civilizations caught up in despair
Paired with a deep rooted
Cultural conception
Of myths of Gods as false
Your mind has several arms
Use them to hug and not to harm

Your mind has several arms
Use them to hug and not to harm

Your mind has several arms
Use them to hug and not to harm
Track Name: The Room at Large
Try to make my rap songs
Sound like modest mouse
Because I'm always sad
My mind is a haunted house
Is gout genetic?
It's only a matter of time
Before I'm abducted
Tried for being a heretic
Or maybe Skip the Trial
Wearing a dark hood
Like Frances told me to
Brewing coffee in the evenings
I'm only slightly a Jew
You only exist on Holidays
My soul bawls when I see you
I'll rage and pound my chest
A resting silver back gorilla
My facial hair is patchy
Scratch my cheek
And Smell vanilla
And as much as I rap
I'll never be a killer
Stiller than water at night
Occasionally I'll take flight
Hopelessly flapping my arms
Never get into a fist fight
And never get it right
Tequila shots with Bowser
Using a fire flower to replicate my final hours

You only exist on Holidays
I'm only myself on Holidays

Scroll through your Tumblr
A slight taste of resentment
I'm giving up spirituality for lent
I can't stop watching videos of myself
Watching videos of myself
Opening Christmas presents
Call myself a gentleman
On my Tinder description
I admit I occasionally
Objectify Women
Respectful consent
Scrolling infinite pages
Strolling through parks
Morally sick snarks
Mortality tick marks
Lurking in the dark
Corners of parks
Alone with no dog
I drive through the night
Wandering out into bogs
Like the Ashton Cove Marsh
Creepy sounds in the night
Eerie Theremin fright
Don't miss the Twilight Zone marathon
Remember the one with the creepy camera?
Lets take a picture, you'll see I'm not in it

You only exist on Holidays
I'm only myself on Holidays
Track Name: Double Edged Sword
Disassociate as fuck
And my cat attacked me
something spooked him
Internal brain chemistry
Or maybe the music
I'm stupid so I hid in the closet with no phone
I'm prone to bad ideas
I’ve got no marrow in my bones.
I earned my nickname John.
I’m strong arming my will
popping pills that make me feel strong
They actually make me sleepy
I'll doze off at the wheel of life and
Splice you into the scene
Sitting in the tub doing hot knives
Oh shit where am I?
Did I just have a stroke
I woke up messaging Crysta
These were the first words I spoke

Whoa? Am I finally Alone?
Be careful what you wish for
This is a double-edged sword

I’m slowly pacing
An estranged tutor
A flesh mason
Making clay balls
To be thrown into fields
Deer that flash their brights
Only to be sure you yield
Giant birds scare me shitless
I’m writing in tiers
I’m writing on private peirs
While peers privately discuss
What lies between my ears
My mom was a skier
My dad a hunter
Thunderstruck like under strut
Everyday I’m feeling plumper
Slightly more ripe
Griping about tattered tablecloths
Set the table; don’t spill the broth
One dollar veggie stock
Stalking cute girls in the aisle ways
If I do this long enough, will it start to feel okay?
Its not okay
Shooting point blank into a bird cage
Rage against the dying of my light bright
Something something go quietly into that night
Track Name: A Door
I am so into you it's hurting me
I am constantly learning what the word 'Adoring' means

I want to take baths with you
I'll make you a vegetable stu
Or a vegan Mac-n-Cheese
With a perfectly thick roux
You implied you could never fall in love
That's confusing to me
It's really tough
To be locked inside of a jewelry box
Crammed to the seams
Full of mismatching gloves
I can hear your sighs
I want to hear your screams
I hear a muted hip-hop beat
Through somebody's ear buds
Hovering through the corridors of love
I can't stand another minute
My skin is plush and I'm lush
Blushing with rosy pink
Gravel for blood
A dingo in my gut
And Bingo you hit the bulls-eye
Effectively dismantling my rut
I strut around with your name
Always painted on my chest
And a framed portrait of you
Is always hanging around my neck
I'll give up vulgarity
Stop swearing, holy heck
And Goddammit
I'm a nervous wreck
I'm a tiny speck pouring
And I want to see your freckles
In all of their naked glory

I am so into you it's hurting me
I am constantly learning what the word 'Adoring' means

My radiator busted
I painted parts of my wall
A darker shade
I'm pretending this cat is you
She's so cuddly
You should know
I'll adore you always
You're a door to a brighter side
An escape from these long hallways
Sun rays, Sunspots
And all of the things that I am not
Blotting up cherry dots
With my tongue
I will float around
To watch the leaking of your lungs
Water vapor
Burning incense and papers
Old fashioned favors
And yes, I will always be strange
Often in a daze that
I think that you can break
I wonder if you can find the gold
At the bottom of this lake

I am so into you it's hurting me
I am constantly learning what the word 'Adoring' means
Track Name: No Flour
I will never again feel a warm embrace
I will never again trace the grooves of a face
I will never be granted a sweet tickling sensation
No one will make me oatmeal in the mornings or take vacations
I’m in permanent hiding locked in my room with an Akai pad
Facing the corner like a child who must have done something bad
I’m a tad brittle; low thread count sleeping on cast-iron pillows
Will I survive long enough to watch the withering of this willow?
I weeped when they cut your tree down
I’m frowning because magnolias only bloom flowers during the spring
The white petals would complement the desolate landscape well
I will turn violent if anyone else tells me to come out of my shell.
I will wreak havoc on this two square foot spot
Standing still for hours at a time; or so I thought
I’ll languish for long; cutting limes and not lemons
Face pressed against the carpet in the center of the room
I’ll spoon-feed myself peanut butter in the cold under the moon
The sky is watching me; laughing at my minuscule security
Will I find peace in love and immaturity?
Accidentally lucid dreaming touching my feet to the grass
I tried to invoke a friend but even I failed at that
I’m internally hemorrhaging like my last meal was rat poison
I may seem poised but my mind wanders and makes too much noise
I’m annoying myself; constantly ignoring myself
Self-destructive never-ask-for-help for anything
Hide under my bed like a bitch before whelping
Strangling the notion that I will one day be ancestry
The more I consider what currently is not
The further the plot spreads and Thicken it does not

I am not tall enough on the inside or the outside
Or the inside or the outside or the in

I am not tall enough on the inside or the outside
Or the inside or the outside or the in

No one will dictate the length of my hair

I will be in solitude for the rest of my life
I will be in solitude for the rest of my life
I will speak in poems for the rest of my life
And I will be at home for the rest of my life